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While I initially identified as a rhetorical theorist of digital technologies (material rhetorics, posthumanism), my current research also engages qualitative and quantitative methods across topics of interest to composition studies, technical communication, professional writing, medical rhetoric, ethics, philosophy, digital humanities, and cultural rhetorics. The conceptual thread to ties my research together lies in my focus on how habit (hexishabitus, bodily comportment) influences how individuals ethically write and communicate in networked spaces.

My first book explored habit in the context of videogame rhetorics through the lens of various posthuman and new materialist theories of embodiment while my second book explore habit (hexis) and virtue ethics in the context of social media writing and communication practices.

Stemming from my interests in ethics, cultural rhetorics and queer theory are important areas of exploration for me. While I have Hawaiian heritage, I pass for white. To avoid speaking for the Other, I try where possibly to work with allies who do represent the marginalized communities I am trying to write about such as transgender, Hawaiian sovereignty, and, more recently, non-western/indigenous approaches to virtue ethics.

My research in these areas enjoys national recognition, including the 2017 Nell Ann Pickett Award for the top article ("From Noob Guides") in Technical Communication Quarterly, which is the flagship journal of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing.

I am currently working on two new book projects. First, with Jared S. Colton and Avery Edenfield, I am drafting a mixed methods study of the online DIY medical literacies and writing practices of transgender individuals. Secondly, I am researching a cultural rhetorics book project on how text mining and algorithmic analysis can inform the use of non-Western virtue ethics in the social media writing practices of indigenous activists.

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